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Post  SaintRow on Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:13 pm

Hello ! nic:SaintRow - SPS - S80 robe set +10 -12 full - Jewls +10-12 - I'm from Greece - GMT+2 - Yes im fluent in English - I use Skype cauz i almost every time im on party with 4-7 peoples soo the skype is okey but not for whole clan (only 10 slots i think) I got TS3 and i can log there soo no problem about communication .I played in much servers:Noobwarz-Energynet-Teon-Elixir-Elite-Gang-Era of Hazard-Exfire etc . I were also in clans like "NeMeSiS" "FallenKings" "Justice" etc etc . Yes i were playing low rate servers from h5 and from the other Client (C4 - Inr-Gracia 1-2 -final -Epil-Freya _) - Im really afraid not! i dont know anyone on this server that we met before! Soo i have no witnesess. depress --- Yes ofc im . First must full of "(rb jewls - items ) all clanmates .Its really important to keep "balance" in all items . And at all i wasnt alone at the "boss" kill . I had a healer - tank - mage who helped me.- -- - - I love beer - spend many time on l2 - i wrote that messenge to accept me in clan .. And i wasted about 20 mins :) Hi from me have a nc day .!


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Re: l2Mental

Post  bLut on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:02 pm

nice wall of text but pm me tomorrow ig


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