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Post  Gh0s7 on Thu May 03, 2012 3:59 am

In game nick: Gh0s7

What is your class ?: Doombringer

What gear do you have ?: We are gonna see, i hope for vorpal light set + any health 2-handed sword. ( on l2hektor i mean )

Where are you from ? (include timezone) : Romania ( GMT+2 )

Are you fluent in English? (0-10) : 9

How many hours can you sacrifice for L2 everyday? : 6-7 Hours / maybe more

Do you use TS3? Do you have a microphone? do you use it? : OFC i do

What are the previous servers you played at ?: DEX , L2Cerberus, RPG-Club x15, 50+ mid rate servers, NCWest Shilen, L2Stress and latest SkirmishPVP, hopefully l2hektor....

What are the previous clans you were in ?: Order of White Wolf, Out of Control, FeaR, Espadas, StrawHats, etc

Do you have any experience in H5? (olympiad, mass pvp, siege etc): 100% knowledge of the HI5 gameplay

Are there any people inside the clan who could vouch for you ?: Brick and Yraser

Are you capable of working as a team? Example: helping the clan raid epic's even if YOU don't get the jewel that time. (Yes/No) Yes

Any additional information that you would like to share with us ?: I'm gonna join the server and your clan with some friends of mine, nice and skilled players, we will be 5 guys forming the fighter CP at start, maybe other from the clan will join us, but after we will know each other. My friends will also create accounts on this website and apply for joining the clan. All of them are TS3 / Ventrilo users, so we won't have comunication problems.
Blood Fungus

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Re: Recruitment

Post  Yraser on Fri May 04, 2012 3:20 pm

its GMT +3 summer time dots


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