TheDealer Application

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TheDealer Application

Post  TheDealer on Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:28 pm

In game nick: TheDealer

What is your class (and Lvl) ?: Phoenix Knight (85)

What gear do you have ?: (Full +16 Elegia , full attributes , +15 to +17 all skills *L2 FreePvP)

Where are you from ? (include timezone) : Greece (GMT +2)

Are you fluent in English? (0-10) : 9

How many hours can you sacrifice for L2 everyday? : Having also real life sometimes i won't log at all some days, other times i could be online more than 5 hours daily

Do you use TS3? Do you have a microphone? do you use it? : I use Skype , I got microphone i use it daily. I can download TS3 if it's needed.

What are the previous servers you played at ?:Too many servers , cannot recall them all but here are some servers : Official : Teon & Franz , L2 RaidFight x4 , L2 Zeus , l2 Auras , L2 Dubai , L2 Crimson , L2 EnergyNet ,L2 Tartaglia, L2 FreePvP (Epilogue) , L2 Gang and many other servers which i stayed for about 1-2 months or some days.

What are the previous clans you were in ?: RedSky , SilentHorrors from retail , Redmoon and FrozenEmpire in l2 zeus & auras , EternalTeam in dubai , Km7, Delirium and Veronica in L2 Crimson, ENERGY clan (my clan) in l2 EnergyNet and LegionOfHeroeS (my clan in L2 Tartaglia) that's all my serious clans.

Do you have any experience in H5? (olympiad, mass pvp, siege etc): I mostly played all clients until Freya, i have about 1 month of gameplay experience on h5 servers.Olympiad & pvps.

Are there any people inside the clan who could vouch for you ?: I don't think so.

Are you capable of working as a team? Example: helping the clan raid epic's even if YOU don't get the jewel that time. (Yes/No) Yes

Any additional information that you would like to share with us ?: I can play almost all classes very well. Some of my favourite are ghost hunter, cardinal, judicator and saggitarius. I have much experience on party vs party or 9 vs 18 - 9 vs 27 on high rate servers.


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Re: TheDealer Application

Post  BricK on Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:31 am

Looks good so far, pm me tomorrow ig for Trial inv

Daisy me rollin' they hatin'

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