iSellAIDS's application[Skirmishpvp]

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iSellAIDS's application[Skirmishpvp]

Post  hhh on Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:14 am

In game nick: iSellAIDS

What is your class (and Lvl) ?: atm th/pk

What gear do you have ?: armors/jewels/wep +6, active/passive duel mights if it matters.

Where are you from ? (include timezone) : Bulgaria GMT +3:00

Are you fluent in English? (0-10) : yes

How many hours can you sacrifice for L2 everyday? : depends by the situation, from 2-3h to 5-6 if I have nothing to do

Do you use TS3/Ventrilo? Do you have a microphone? do you use it? : working mic + installed ts3

What are the previous servers you played at ?:

What are the previous clans you were in ?:

Do you have any experience in H5? (olympiad, mass pvp, siege etc): yes

Are there any people inside the clan who could vouch for you ?: don't think so, I guess only xNFA knows me

Are you capable of working as a team? Example: helping the clan raid epic's even if YOU don't get the jewel that time. (Yes/No) yes

Any additional information that you would like to share with us ?:
I have been looking for a good server until I found skirmish so I will be playing here. Currently not much active in beta, only sometimes in olys, but I saw you guys and I like how you play so I decided to try my luck here ^^


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Re: iSellAIDS's application[Skirmishpvp]

Post  BricK on Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:49 pm

Denied & Closed.

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